The Fluid Photo Gallery Wall

I had a Problem: I take a lot of pictures of my kiddos and I wanted a way to display current photos and be able to change them out easily.  But, I did not want to be continually taking off the backs of frames and centering pics, cleaning glass, etc.  

. To begin, I dug out all the dusty frames I could find.  I wanted an eclectic look, so I collected both gold and silver with bronzy ones for some color depth.  I took off the cardboard backs and took out the glass and hung them up like so. 

Then I printed out some current favorite photos.  BUT the important part was that either on my photo editing program or at Walgreens I edited the photos to add a thin white border (called a Studio border at Walgreens).  This helps give the idea of a mat on the picture and makes for a more finished look.  I also ordered some 5x7 as well as 4x6's to add some variety as to size.

Then I simply stuck some sticto the back of the photo and centered them in the frames.  Whenever I print out new pics I simply pull the old ones off and stick the new ones on.

 You can add this border on the actual photo-developing site (such as Walgreens) but keep in mind that this border will just be laid right on top of the photo, cropping a bit off the edges.  If you want to keep the edges you can add a white "frame" using Picnik.

Now here's the wall all fresh and fun - no glass cleaning required!

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The Fluid Photo Gallery Wall
The Fluid Photo Gallery Wall
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