Simple Celebrations, Simple Memories, Simple Love

Simple Celebrations
A friend of mine told a wonderful tale about a man she met through a Christian dating service. This gentleman asked in one of their first online conversations about Karen's favorite flower. When they finally had their first real date, he showed up with a beautiful daisy for her. Lucky for him, her favorite flower was an in expensive flower like the daisy.
On each subsequent date, Jerry brought another daisy with him. On date number two, he brought two daisies; on date number three, he brought three. Karen couldn't imagine what would happen if they dated for more than a dozen times.
Jerry did not disappoint Karen. After reaching a dozen dates, Jerry arrived at her door with a journal with a field of daisies on the front. For her birthday, Karen received a gift basket full of daisy presents.
One day, after they had been dating for over six months, Jerry arrived at Karen's door with a bundle of daisy seed packets. Confused, she asked what they meant. Jerry got down on his knees and asked Karen to marry him. He explained that when she became his wife and they had their own home, she could plant as many daisies as she wanted.

Simple Memories
A friend shared with me recently that after each date, she carefully put ticked stubs or some other record of her date into an envelope marked with her date's name. If theirs was a marvelous restaurant meal, she asked for the check stub or for the manager's business card. If no souvenirs were available, she made sure that before she retired for the night, she wrote some short note about her date.
Why all the fuss? She knew that some day, one of her dates would emerge as the man God had selected for her to marry. When that happened, she could throw out the other envelopes. But what would remain would be a record of the good times the couple had as they dated and learned about each other.
She planned on putting those memories into a scrapbook to share with friends and family. The beginning of a lifetime partnership would be wonderfully recorded.

Simple Love
Before finding love, the man and woman in the above stories had already shown that they knew the importance of simple memories and simple celebrations. Each one knew that love is more than saying a few words. They knew that love required actions, even the simplest ones.
Years from now, the home of Karen and Jerry will most likely be surrounded by a field of daisies of their own. And when they have children, they can explain how that daisy field came to be. From the very first date, Jerry cared enough to inquire about his date's interests. As love grew, he cared even more.
My other friend will have a scrapbook of memories from the very first movie that she and her future husband attended. She will have a record of restaurants and museums they visited. She cared enough before a relationship even began to record their growing love.
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Simple Celebrations, Simple Memories, Simple Love
Simple Celebrations, Simple Memories, Simple Love
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