Belated Easter Post

Yes, I know the acceptable time for posting Easter pictures is quite over,
but hoping you will forbear with these for our long-distance family's sake. ; )

An accomplishment.  Almost all the cousins in a picture (minus Baby Ben).

I love how my twins naturally posed their hands exactly the same.


 The hunt is on.

 Tried for a family picture.

 Mild success.

Nana's bunny cake - same one she made when I was little.

And then more candy, naturally.

Cake and candy. Cake and candy. 

Quality is not great, but I love this picture.  This little gal is not particularly affectionate, so nestling up to Daddy makes for a special day.

Alright, that's all.  Just a little post, to say I did.

Hope you had a lovely weekend.  Were you present?  I truly tried to be...but need to try some more. 



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Belated Easter Post
Belated Easter Post
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