Preparing for Easter

 I'm not hosting our family Easter celebration, but here's the table I did last year.

It was pretty simple, but I liked the contrast of silver flatware with terracotta.
I had just discovered boxwoods.

This recipe for Strawberry Dream Tart makes a pretty wonderful Easter dessert.
I think this is what we'll have.

Or carrot cake. : )

Today we finally dyed some Easter eggs, though I'm improving on last year when I did it the day before, and we had green and purple fingers for Easter pictures.

They enjoy it so much I feel like I should come up with another occasion besides Easter to dye eggs.

We had our house appraised today, so we had a last round of harried cleaning.  This is the last hurdle to get past as we already had the inspection.  I think it went well - so glad it's done!

Now to quiet my heart a little and prepare to remember and celebrate. 

He is risen! He is risen, indeed.

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Preparing for Easter
Preparing for Easter
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