My Home Paint Colors

Well, it's a Monday.  And while Monday's can feel a bit daunting {i.e. it suddenly feels like I mush have twiddled my thumbs all of last week, the to-do list is a so long}, I'm trying to focus on the fact that it's a Fresh Start at a brand new week - another chance to do well and be cheerful while I'm at it.  So here's to a fresh 24 hours - all the time we need to do everything that's truly important.

I hope to share more about the truly important later this week esp. as it can be defined in a Family Purpose Statement, something Tsh in her book Simply Organized strongly encourages and helpfully walks you through.

In the meantime, I've been getting questions about the paint colors in my home and thought I'd just put them all together in one place.  I'm pretty passionate about finding just the right color and have been known to try dozens of paint samples and even repaint a room three times  - this was before babies ;).

First, the Front Closet.   I painted this Valpar's Old Gold and used Churchhill Hotel Hazy Yellow for the stencil.

And I used Valspar's Churchhill Hotel Hazy Yellow for the stencil. 

Valspar's Churchhill Hotel Hazy Yellow is also in the Entryway and Living Room Walls.
Just a nice mellow yellow. 

The Kitchen is also Valspar's Churchhill Hazy Yellow.  The Table is Fish Story in High Gloss.

One darker shade of yellow on the same color swatch as Churchhill's Yellow is this Oatlands Gold Buff in our Living Room.  It is a great yellow - not too buttery and not too mustardy.  If I go yellow again in our new home, I'll use this again. 

My Yellow Bed is Valspar's Golden Yellow.  The wall color is Toasting Tan.

Toasting Tan is also the color in our Master Bedroom. 

Finally, the nursery is Olympic's Fairy Dust.  Pinks are really hard to get right, I think.  They can so easily go too pastel or too Pepto Bismal, but this one is just perfect.  I will definitely take this color with me to our next home. 

Hope that's helpful, and hope you have a merry, fresh Monday.

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My Home Paint Colors
My Home Paint Colors
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