Photography Notes: Picture Taking Tips 2

So today I'm going to continue my little photography tips series.  Remember that I'm not an expert, even a real professional at this, but like many of you, I love photography and as I have sorted through a little bit of the technique I thought I'd share what I've learned.

Today I'll share three picture-taking rules/tips in regard to Layout:
the Rule of Thirds, Lines, and Framing.


The Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is basically dividing what you see through your lens into thirds, and placing your subject in the top, bottom, right or left third.  Here's a (very) rough idea of what I'm talking about.  You want your subject to be close to one of the points where the the lines meet.
  In other words, don't put your subject in the center. Not that it's a crime, but it's generally true that putting your subject dead on center makes for a less pleasing composition.  Off center adds balance and makes your subject more captivating. 

See here is my little Gideon pretty much on dead center.  I still really love it (the fence helps give some weight to the left, adding balance ) and will keep it because he's cute, but...

 Here he is moved into the right third of the photo.

Here's some other examples.



 I use this rule with my home and food shots too.


  Next we have Lines.  This is a technique involving using lines you find in your setting to draw attention to your subject.  It makes for a much more dynamic picture.

Lines in fence leading to face.

Box lines leading to cute feet.

 Grass line leading you from brother to siblings.

Always lots of lines at a park - slides are great.  Here swing lines lead you to subject.


 Another fence line.

Railroad track lines.


Finally, we have the Framing technique.  Like with Lines you look for ways you can frame your subject in order to bring your eye to the subject more dynamically.  I haven't challenged myself much creatively with this one,  but here are a few examples.

Here parents frame the baby. 

 Same idea here.

Peek-a-boo face.

 Hopefully this was a bit helpful.   Next Wednesday, I'll share a bit about photo-editing.

Until then, happy picture-taking to you. : )

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Photography Notes: Picture Taking Tips 2
Photography Notes:  Picture Taking Tips 2
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