I Broke My Target Fast

It was inevitable.  How long can a person really go without a little visit to Target after all?
In my defense, my primary reason for finally going was for returns...and then of course I had to check out their clearance end caps.

Good thing I DID.  Because I found these little Mrs. Meyer's Christmas candles, which I somehow missed seeing during the Christmas season.  I love this Iowa Pine scent, which heretofore I've enjoyed only in hand soap form.   And now Iowa Pine seems especially appropriate...kind of like it's made just for me, suppose? 

 And would you look at the cute little gift tag packaging.  I only bought two.  Ten points for self restraint.  But now I'm seriously considering going back and buying the rest - what better way to win the affection of my new Iowa neighbors next Christmas?  ; )

Does this stock-up idea jive with my purging plan?  Hmmm, feeling conflicted.

 Especially, considering they're on clearance at 1/2 of!  Deals like this only happen on Target end caps.  I highly recommend you check yours out quick-quick. 

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I Broke My Target Fast
I Broke My Target Fast
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