The Pursuit of a Simple Life: Part 1

Last year I gave myself a challenge to purge 40 areas of my home in 40 days.  Feeling the drain of the clutter and disorder in our home, I set out determined to reclaim one area each day.   It wasn't a bad idea and I certainly made some progress, but I admit that I often was guilty of just rearranging my stuff....instead of actually chucking it.   

 Last October, while I was doing the challenge a second time, I started reading this book, Simply Organized by Tsh Oxenreider.  The book kind of took the wind out of my sails - her words resonated with me, but they showed my present organizing/purging efforts to be pretty lame... pretty superficial.  

Tsh gave me a vision of the Simple Life I craved for our family, and I quickly realized that to have that Simple Life I was going to have to get a lot more serious about my commitment to our family's priories and purging the clutter that was keeping us from living them out. 

"[Simple Living] is about choices - about saying no to the things in your life that aren't the best so that you are free and available to say yes to those things you truly want." Tsh Oxenreider

Since it was October and the holidays were on the horizon, I decided to shelve the book and the project for the fresh new year...which is here!   I've been rereading the chapters and making a game plan, and I. am. so. excited.  

Of course, the timing is especially perfect as we start gearing ourselves up to move this summer.  How wonderful it's going to feel not to haul a bunch of needless stuff with us to Iowa!  Instead I'm determined to take only what we use and truly love.

"You're not a victim.  You allow each item in your home to be there.  Do you love it all?  Do you find it useful or beautiful?" 
Tsh Oxenreider

Good stuff, right?  The whole book is extremely practical and wonderfully inspiring. I'm excited to chronicle my progress here over the next month or so and share what I learn along the way - it would be lovely to do it together! 

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The Pursuit of a Simple Life: Part 1
The Pursuit of a Simple Life: Part 1
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