Considering Shared Bedrooms

I'll be sharing pictures of the new house on Friday....but in the meantime I've got shared bedrooms on my mind and am hoping that you will share some of your wisdom and experience with me.

My ideal number of bedrooms has always been three - one for the parents, one for girls and one for boys.  But this situation assumes that there will be at least two boys and two girls to share each room, so no one will be left alone.  The new home has a large bedroom that I'm thinking of putting my oldest boy (age 5) and the two twins (age 3) altogether in.  My twins have always shared and love it so much I can't imagine separating them, but my oldest is starting to feel left out of the nightly fun, so I feel like I should just put them all together.

Do you have any experience with brothers and sisters sharing rooms?  I wouldn't want to do it when they're much older, but for now I'm wondering what pros and cons I should be considering.  Would really appreciate some advice!

With that in mind here's some images of shared bedrooms from my pin board.

I really love the whimsy-ish feel of this one.


The challenge would be to make it neither too boyish or too girlish but still have some personality.

Wouldn't this platform bed be so fun.

Good news is that I found another iron bed like my yellow one on craigslist.  Three cheers for craigslist!  So, I'd just need one more bed...but please do share if you have any experience with your boys and girls sharing a room - I'd really appreciate some insight.   I dream of brothers and sisters that grow into lifelong best friends with lots of happy shared childhood memories. Obviously, a shared bedroom is not the magical solution for that, but I loved sharing a room with my Sister when we were little.  I have sweet memories of that and think it helped us bond and learn to live and work well together.  I want that experience for my kiddos, too.  It's just awkward having three with a mix of boys and a girl.

Did you share with brothers growing up?  Have you tried your boys and girls together?  Any tips for making to work well?  Hoping you have some wisdom for me here : )


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Considering Shared Bedrooms
Considering Shared Bedrooms
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