A Nursery for Twins

A little over two years ago we welcomed twins into our little family of three.  We were still living in our two bedroom, basement apartment in Iowa, and we brought the twins home from the hospital to pack-in-plays in the living room.  Six months later we moved to Colorado and lived in my brother-in-law and sister's basement and the twins slept in pack-in-plays in the basement storage room.  So when at last we moved into our this, our first home, it was pretty much bliss to set up two cribs in a Nursery.   Now, since one of the twins was my first (and who knows, maybe only?!) baby girl I went ahead and painted the nursery pink.  I'd already done the boy nursery theme when my oldest was born, so it was time to have my girlie one. Her twin brother doesn't seem to mind too much, and we make sure he always has green blankets - no pink. ;)

I went for a fairly traditional feel, using lots of older things that were passed down to me - things full of sweet memories and reminders.

 This little clock was my mother's which she received as a cherished present on her fifth birthday.  The piggy bank was mine and the Ginny doll was my Grandma Doris's, who gave me my first Ginny doll was always making me dresses for her. 

These sweet little Beatrix Potter figurines and books were given to me by my mother's natural mother when I was born.

And these little ladies were from my Memaw Schott's collection (the one who wrote all the letters).  She and I were mutual lovers of pink, and I adored this pink little gal with all my heart.
The ball of pink the corner is yarn my great-grandmother crocheted as something to keep her busy after she lost her sight.

 Here's a little nod to the sweet boy in the room, hanging with a pink Janie and Jack dress on a simple coat rack from Hobby Lobby, spray painted.  The old prints on the walls are ones my dad matted and framed and hung in my old nursery.

And in case you'd like to know: the wall color is Fairy Dust from Lowes (very hard to find the right pink, but we did it!)  The letters above the beds are from Hobby Lobby, of course, and are spray painted ivory.  All the furniture is second-hand.  Simple sheers and a pull-shade dress the window.

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A Nursery for Twins
A Nursery for Twins
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