It's the Little Things

 Here is a pile of dish clothes  - my tired, old, stained dish clothes.  I'd really put 'em through it the past year or so - carbon-crusted pots, paint projects and occasional floor mop-ups.  They are clean, but not so....

....GLORIOUSLY WHITE as these new ones I finally broke down and got at the Wal-Marts the other day {9 for $3)}. 
 Aren't they just beautiful?

 There's just something wonderfully bracing and hopeful about starting out each new day with 
a clean, fresh, purty-white dishcloth

 Now, add some of this lovely-smelling-lovely-looking hand soap and you're likely to feel like you can take on about anything.
 At about $3 a bottle {at Target}, it's a bit of a splurge,  but it's not just $3 for soap - it's also for pretty kitchen decor and a lovely hand-washing experience.  :)
At any rate, I like to at least set it out when company is over, and seems to last much longer than the Dial counterpart.  
It also makes a sweet hostess gift.

And here is my kitchen linen drawer - happily stocked with 18 fluffy, white cloths all ready for kitchen duty. 

It is the little things...that make everyday lovely.

{P.S.  The Baby Shower Invites are being featured today at sweet Nicole's Thrify Decorating.}

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It's the Little Things
It's the Little Things
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