The Dining Room: Silk and Poofs

Here's a view of our little dining room.  Last year, I finally got the pink (faux) silk drapes I'd been dreaming of pairing with warm yellow walls for years.  I like a bit of elegance in a dining room, but I like some whimsy, too.

The "Silk" lends the elegance while Tissue Poofs provide that sort-of jaunty element - they're a little unexpected and playful. To make them I followed the simple tutorial found HERE.  Martha's just plain smart about these types of things. 

I made the poofs around Christmas time and many guests assumed they were part of my holiday decoration - but no, they're quite permanent... as permanent as anything is in my house.

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The Dining Room: Silk and Poofs
The Dining Room: Silk and Poofs
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