Ode to the Lampshade

Not really on the Ode part, but I am quite thrilled about what I discovered new lampshades could do for my bedroom.  I'd had the same pair for about ten years, and the shade on my side (bell shaped with nothing less dated than beads hanging on the rim) had broken and if you bumped it at all it would fall off.  It looked, in word, sad.  However, I mistook the ugly lampshade for an ugly lamp and was vainly considering how I might manage to buy a new pair of lamps.  That was silly. 

Fortunately, it finally it occurred to me to try on this dandy $15 burlap lampshade from Target.  And suddenly, I felt as if I had altogether brand new lamps!  Suddenly, my room felt fresh and lovely again.  And I must say, I felt quite smart and thrifty. :)

What around your home just needs an inexpensive little facelift to feel fresh and lovely again?

Here's what the rest of the room looks like.
On my side is the botanical book-page wall.

You'll notice in this pic the bed linens are different as they had a serious run in with my little man...and lipstick.  Hanging on the rails of my Craigslist four-poster is a little canopy I sewed together from napkins and hankies.

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Ode to the Lampshade
Ode to the Lampshade
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