Pinwheel Whimsy

 Yesterday I was determined to have pinwheels, so I made them right quick.   I knew that once you saw them you would feel the same way, so I made a little tutorial to show you how. :)

 First tear the pages out of your beloved, falling-apart copy of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Part II.  And lament the loss of all the useful things you might have learned had you ever read it. (sigh)

 Measure and cut out a perfect square - this is a 4"x4" square.  And use a pencil to draw to lines from corner to corner, like so.

Now, starting from each corner, cut along the line until your about 1/2 inch from the center, like so.

Then using a hot glue gun, put a dab in the center and then fold and press first one and then two corners to the middle.  (You could do one corner at a time, but I found I could make one dab work for two)

Here's my purty hand showing you how. 

And here's the finished darling.

Then you'll need some of these cutie little clothes pins.  I got mine in the office section of the Walmarts, but you could also just hot glue your pinwheels to the string.

 And here they are making fun reflections in the mirror. 

And here's my little Spring display, featuring my truly beloved copy of Northanger Abbey found at a sweet little bookshop in Bath. 


 And here's me, trying to get a pic without the pinwheel reflections and hoping that you have yourself some fun hanging up some lovely pinwheels about your home today.

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Pinwheel Whimsy
Pinwheel Whimsy
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