This Was Supposed to Be My "Before" Picture

I had a can of white spray paint and was feeling quite certain that this vase on my bedroom dresser needed a nice coat of it. 

However, in preparing to take a "Before" picture I did a little tweaking.  I finally trimmed the long bottoms off these stems that had forever for over a year been bent-up to fit inside - not pretty.  That made quite the difference, and then instead of having the vase and jewelry box to either side of the dresser I pushed them both to the center of the dresser.  

And then, I realized I was actually ready to take my "After" picture.

Paint project averted.  

What around your home just needs a little tweaking for a "Before" picture to turn it into your "After" picture? ;)

Flowers: Target
Jewerly Box: Tuesday Morning
Wire Tray: Thrift Store
Vase: Hobby Lobby

See more tweaking in the Master Bedroom {HERE}

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This Was Supposed to Be My "Before" Picture
This Was Supposed to Be My "Before" Picture
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