Flora and Fauna for the Closet

Believing that no space is too small or insignificant to be overlooked when it comes to decorating, and that beautified spaces are much more pleasant to maintain organizing-wise, here's little project I did to make my closet a bit lovely. 

But first let me introduce you to my very favorite calendars.  The Cavallini calendars have been a must-have on my Christmas list for five years now.  They are always exceptionally lovely.  And though they are a bit on the pricier side, it always feels worth it because the each month is really a beautiful, even frame-able, print on archival quality paper.  So here are some of my old years.

I cut out an assortment of birds and botanica and using non-permanent, double-sided tape, I arranged them wallpaper-like on the top portion of my front closet.
{the same closet formerly shown HERE}

Since I was just experimenting and trying out the feel of it, I didn't batten down all the edges and such. 

I love the unexpected loveliness waiting for me each time I open these doors now...so I'm thinking this is going to be fairly permanent.

Now for some paint on that bottom half...

Wishing you some unexpected loveliness this weekend!

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Flora and Fauna for the Closet
Flora and Fauna for the Closet
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