Five Lovely Years of Wedded-ness

Though I look rather serene in this particular photo, five years ago today I was giddy beyond all reason to be marrying this man.  The whole ceremony, all the guests (sorry lovely friends and family!), the reception - I was oblivious to everything.  All I saw that day was him.

So I've steadied a bit since that day...just a little bit.   But I'm no less thankful and happy. He's a most wonderful guy who plays rambunctiously with our kiddos, makes me the best no-bake cookies, and vacuums about every other day.  Yes, I am a blessed lady, and these last five years have been very. good.  

Thank you, Sweetheart.

And three cheers for an Anniversary Getaway!!!
(Next week, after we finally kick this stomach bug...and catch up on the laundry...)

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Five Lovely Years of Wedded-ness
Five Lovely Years of Wedded-ness
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