Window Shopping: Wisteria

Just been doing a little window shopping.  I've never purchased anything from Wisteria, but they managed to get their catalog in my mailbox, so I had a little looksie and thought I'd share what I discovered with you.

This Wooden Wall Clock  I really love, and the price seems pretty reasonable at $59.

Like this whole work area setup.

 The metal basket shelf is especially nifty.

 And I felt quite sure that this light fixture and I had a future together...
but they seem to be sold out.


 I'm not sure I'm a garden bird kind-of gal, but these are quite charming.

 These linen lined wire baskets would make such pretty storage.

Like how they're used for storage in the kitchen here and isn't that iron shelf and those boxes so fun? And that chair?  And I'm thinking every kitchen needs some Perrier mineral water out on display - it's just so pretty.

This French Lantern is unique.  I think it would be fun thrown into a mix of styles for an eclectic look.

 Like how it looks here with the simple neutrals, and modern appliances.  And how great is that shelf on wheels in the background?

And finally, while I probably could not be trusted to keep this iron collapsible organizer uncluttered,  this is about my favorite out of the catalog - it strikes me as quirky, industrial, fun.  Surely, I would be motivated to keep it looking lovely.

So that's the lovely I found.  It's always kind-of fun to discover somewhere new to look about.
Thanks for browsing with me. : )  What's your favorite place to window shop?

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Window Shopping: Wisteria
Window Shopping: Wisteria
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