The Life that Is Waiting

Last week my sweetheart and I took a road trip to Iowa.  First objective was to go to Iowa City, where he defended his dissertation.  He is now officially, "Dr. Sweetheart".  So very proud.

Second objective was to travel through a blizzard to our soon-to-be new hometown in northwestern Iowa...and look for a new home.

photo from my iphone

And we think we may have found one...I'm dying to show you all the pictures I took, but as it's for sale by owner and I didn't ask the owners if I could publish their private home on the interweb, I'll content myself with simply the picture of the outside.

Yes, I'm pretty swoony about it.   We actually put an offer on it on Saturday, though it did hit me the next morning that I entirely neglected to even notice if the house had a dishwasher.  I'm afraid that this, my friends, is a severe case of blind love - I only had eyes for the beautiful oak trim, the insufferable charm everywhere inside...and that porch swing.  The walls and floors haven't been touched since 1984, but oh, the potential.


Yet, there's still a home here to sell - the home just two houses away from Sister and my dear little nieces and nephews.   The reality of moving away is certainly starting to hit.  I don't like it, but I admit these words rather strike a cord at the moment.  I am wondering.

So, trying to take hold of these hopeful words:

And that truly whatever is waiting for our family, it will still be good.

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Finally, very inspirited by Proverbs 31:25,

This woman of grace, she "smiles at the future"  (NASB)

So happy Monday, friends.  Happy Smiling.

love, cailan

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The Life that Is Waiting
The Life that Is Waiting
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