Wednesday Walkabout: Brothers

Unbelievably, I almost have no pictures of these two together.  It's always all three of my kiddos or usually the twins are paired.  And even these weren't intentional on my part. Last week my determined plan was to get pictures of all three of them, even though the boys had almost no clean clothes (hence the hobo-wear).  But alas, little sister had a meltdown over shoes just as we were ready to take our walk.  So she stayed home with Daddy, and I got a walk with my boys.  They adore wearing bowties, so we attached them just as we left.

It was a pretty sweet alternative, taking just these two.
I know I will treasure these pictures always.

Delighting in a "tree tent".

(Doing a little framing with the branches :)

So glad things did not work out according to my original plan. 


Funny how that's usually when the best things happen.

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Wednesday Walkabout: Brothers
Wednesday Walkabout: Brothers
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