It's the Little Things & Important Reminder

You may remember this Pure & Good soap from Anthropologie I invested in last summer. I say investment, because it's not your regular use and toss soap, the lovely bottle is for keeps.

Anyway I just finally finished the original hand soap that came in it - an exciting event because it's time to fill it with this lovely dish soap from Seventh Generation.  I love Lavender & Mint scent and now I will be able to use the Pure & Lovely pump for both hands and dishes.

It's the little things, I tell you. 

We just got a case of 6 of these bottles of dish soap using Amazon's subscribe & save subscription- at about 20% than the bottles cost at the store.  Link {HERE}.  The Clementine & Lemon Zest scent is delicious too.

{note: the soap is actually wonderfully clear it just looks whitish because I had just squirted it into the bottle so it was sudsy. }

The Pure & Good Soap bottle is found {HERE}.

Finally, the most important bit. : )  I just got this happy email in my inbox yesterday and am compelled to urge you once again to sign up for your very own Anthro Card.  It's just a free little membership card and the best part is they send you a code for 15% off for your birthday month.   Even off sale stuff - 15% off already clearanced Anthro goodness - it doesn't get much better than that.

So quick-quick, go {HERE} and sign up!

I'm signing up my husband today - why didn't I think to do this before???   ; )

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It's the Little Things & Important Reminder
It's the Little Things & Important Reminder
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