Sweet Old Dolls

I found this little group of dolls at a garage sale last week  - $11 for all three.

They're in rather sad shape, and when I first saw them laying in the cardboard for sale box, I immediately thought of Beth's sweet little forgotten dolls in Little Women - the worn and torn dolls that Beth takes in and cares for when her sisters throw them out.

In the story, she creates a home for infirm dolls and repairs them as well as she can without using a needle, which might hurt them.

I couldn't very well leave them there in that box, so I brought them home and think they will live quite happily in the Twin's Nursery.  

Now, I'm thinking it would be so lovely to read Little Women again - it's been so long... 
I just might do it.

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Sweet Old Dolls
Sweet Old Dolls
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