Quick Change-It-Up Photo Gallery

Last week I did a little tweaking on my easy change-it-up photo wall I first showed you last spring.  
It involved taking the glass and backing out of a collection of frames, hanging them on the wall and taping a picture inside.  The objective being a nice photo display in which you can change out the photos without any hassle.

Firstly, I was never too keen on that light yellow - that wall gets a lot of light and it always looked washed out.  So I painted it one shade darker - the color that is in our family room.
This wall is a heavy traffic area, so it was nice to wash up and get clean and fresh again anyway.

Also after having several frames get knocked down - as they were just hanging on a nail -  I added some tacky gum to make them more stable - much better.

And I just put in new summer pictures!  Remember that I add a white border to the picture to give it a more finished, matted-type look.  You can add this border on the actual photo-developing site (such as Walgreens) but keep in mind that this border will just be laid right on top of the photo, cropping a bit off the edges.  If you want to keep the edges you can add a white "frame" using Picnik.

Now here's the wall all fresh and fun - no glass cleaning required!

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Quick Change-It-Up Photo Gallery
Quick Change-It-Up Photo Gallery
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