Completey Oblivious

 I've never been much of a shoe girl.  Comfort has always ranked pretty high, which means I have a long, complacent history with Dansko and Birkenstock.
Buying cute little sale shoes like these last month was a fun little aberration.

However. Yesterday I received an Anthropologie magazine in the mail. 
{They have my address now that I got that little yellow card}

I don't think I've ever seen anything like these.

I really had no idea -

Shoes this cute existed.  These oxfords take the cake.
Could they be more adorable??

 And yellow! 
I discovered the happiness of yellow shoes with my little $9 felt Mary Jane's from Target last year - they were so lovely, I quite wore them out. 

The problem is that with these shoes being oblivious was a good, safe thing - the prices!
I can't even fathom paying that much for something on my feet.

I will simply have to impress upon my brain that these shoes must be terribly uncomfortable to wear. :)

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Completey Oblivious
Completey Oblivious
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