Make A Bit of Raspberry Butter

What to do with a lovely little package of sweet-n-tart raspberries?

Make raspberry butter, of course.
1. It is beautiful. 2. It is yummy.  3. It will make your toast feel extra-ordinary special.

You will need some unsalted butter at room temperature (I used about 2 sticks);  Lovely ripe raspberries (One Half Pint ought to do it); A squeeze of orange or lemon juice; Also, a sprinkle of kosher salt. 

Whip up the butter and toss in the beautiful berries.

Mash them up nicely with your pastry blender or whatever you have in your drawer that will mash nicely.  Then add a little orange juice and a pinch of salt.

Toast up some yummy left-over bread from last night's company and spread on generously - today is a special day! 

Freeze up any leftovers for next week's company bread or to serve with some Sunday Morning Scones.

May you enjoy a long, lovely weekend!

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Make A Bit of Raspberry Butter
Make A Bit of Raspberry Butter
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