Little Scout Photo Session

Got to do little photo session with this sweet baby girl 0ver the weekend.

And her cute parents, also seen here.

Normally I prefer to take pictures in the evening when the light is down.

 But I'm learning that midday shoots can work just fine as long as you keep to the shade.

These were taken under a tree at 1:00, facing North.

Precious baby.

How I do love those chubby cheeks.

And those chubby legs!

Really, her whole delightful, chubby self.

 I'll be giving a little 20/20 update tomorrow.  

Just three more days of the challenge left!

Are you making progress, too?  It feels so great to be clearing junk out and making things nice-n-tidy, but - whew! - I'm having a hard time keeping up!

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Little Scout Photo Session
Little Scout Photo Session
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