Baby Shower Invites

So this weekend I'm hosting a baby shower.  For the invites I wanted to do something fun and personal and not super labor intensive. My friend isn't going to find out whether there's a boy or girl in her tummy, so I wanted to use gender neutral colors - namely Green.

Cue Green Invitation Kit at Target.

Ahem, I mean cue ON CLEARANCE Green Invitation Kit - wahoo for Target Clearance!

The kit was for an invitation like the one pictured on the front of the box, so I didn't us the floral sticker to attach the papers. Instead, I grabbed the two layers of paper in the kit and twine and hole punch and attached (hot-glued) copies of photo from maternity "photo session" I did with them last week to the top cream layer.

I didn't trust myself to figure out all the print your invite out on invitation kit paper stuff,  so I actually wrote out the info part using my photo editing program the same size as the picture and got them printed at Walgreens.  Pretty spiffy, yes?  Here it is on the inside of the invite.

And here's the finished product with floral whimsy envelope.

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Baby Shower Invites
Baby Shower Invites
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