My Yellow Iron Bed

Without further ado, here's my little iron bed - 
the one I got at the flea market for $40 - with a fresh coat of cheery yellow.

Here's what her finished looked like when I brought her home.  Though I saw potential for an "industrial" look, after cleaning her up she still was rubbing off lots of rust, and I've really always been wanting a yellow bed in my heart.

So first she got a little rub down with some 50 grit sandpaper.  Second, washed her off.  And then sprayed on coat of this spray primer meant especially for slightly rusted metal.

 This is my can of paint I showed you yesterday, but since I shot the photo outside, it looked a bit more sunny than it really is.

You can see the color better here on the paint chip indoors.
It's Valspar's "Golden Castle" {found at Lowes} in Semi-Gloss.

I used a regular semi-gloss latex paint because I wanted this specific color.  But I think this kind of paint job is really better suited to spray paint.  I had trouble with brush marks, and finally gave up and embraced the "brushed" look. :)

 Now, what's that you say?  You thought this bed was meant for my little man's room?

 Well, you are quite right.  I just set her in here and dressed her up for giggles, since little man's room is not at all painted yet...


And dressing up is just so fun.

 You can see my other decorating ventures {HERE}.

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My Yellow Iron Bed
My Yellow Iron Bed
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