in print for the first time

The email came just a month or so ago. Nothing could have been more unexpected I sat in the middle of the dust and debris of our new home than a request from Cottages and Bungalows magazine to include my fall mantel in their November issue.

Oh, happy squeals of joy.

This was the fall framed mantel I did almost exactly a year ago in our old home.  The ironic thing is how little time and attention I took with the photos.  I remember taking them in a hurry, early one morning when the light was terrible.  I didn't dust or clean the glass or fix the light fixture, or clean off the frig reflected in the mirror.  

 And yet here the pictures are, printed in a magazine.  Dust and all.

It felt pretty special to receive a couple complementary preview issues via fedex a week ago.  I believe the November issue is now for sale, and though I admit I'm not a Cottages and Bungalows regular, I did really love looking through this issue.
(update: I'm thinking that actually the Nov. issue isn't for sale till Oct?)

No, not just because I was in it.   Didn't hurt, though. ; )


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in print for the first time
in print for the first time
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