Family Photo Session: The Marr's

First of all, thank you for your kind feedback and encouragement regarding my new photography endeavor.  So far I've gotten a lovely response and have had ever so much fun.

The other day I had the privilege of photographing this sweet family.
They were a complete delight.

Kevin and Kami have two adorable little boys.

This picture makes me laugh -  the oldest was very persevering at making all kinds of funny faces in an effort to make his brother smile.

He was such a sweet big brother.

And seriously, one of the most adorably precious little boys I've ever met.

When we were thinking to be all done, he asked if we could take more pictures - who could say no to that kind of enthusiasm?   And when we were done for reals he pronounced "that was So much fun".  So yeah, I was pretty charmed. ;)

Can you believe the skin on this little one?  So sweet.

Such a lovely family.  Thank you, Marrs!

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Family Photo Session: The Marr's
Family Photo Session:  The Marr's
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