keeping things in perspective

So blessed by your kind, encouraging comments.   I am sorry the posting has been so thin and far between, but it means so much knowing that there are still such sympathetic, caring souls checking in on me as we settle into this small, new town, and this large, messy house. Thank you for taking a moment to encourage me a bit in my really not-so-dire circumstances.


It is the best comfort to know we're not alone, and I'm trying to keep things in proper perspective, realizing that we are not facing any Real hardship here.....It is amazing to be in this house and have strength and resources to make it into a home.  It is not as if we've been given any tremendous obstacles to overcome, or great difficulties to choose joy in spite of.

No, choosing joy has simply been the business of smiling at my spouse over a breakfast that smells more of polyurethane than bacon, and squelching unpleasant utterances after getting another bruise on the maze of furniture, and not snapping at the children when they topple a pile of boxes, and not fretting {too much} about temporarily sleeping in the basement with the spiders.  Funny {and sad} how this business has kept my soul plenty busy.


This is our eighth week in the house and perhaps the most trying as we are turned upside down again in order to get the floors refinished.  But the floors are almost done, the painting is progress and we are on the brink of finally unpacking.

And this is the hope that now greets me when I open the front door.

{Please note absence  of unwanted door in the wall, crumbling plaster and worn-out floors.}

with every good intention of resuming more regular programming soon,
and with love,
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keeping things in perspective
keeping things in perspective
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